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1.         Medical certificates of fitness must be submitted by all students on entering the College.  Failure in this regard automatically excludes an applicant from registration


2.         Attendance at classes is compulsory.  Students missing five classes either through absence or tardiness will be excluded from writing the examination in that course.


3.         Students will not be permitted to leave their classes except in cases of emergency or for activities endorsed by the College.


4.         Absence must be explained in writing.  A prescribed form may be obtained from the Student Affairs Office.


5.         Absence from classes due to illness, must be certified by a medical doctor or by a member of the medical team of the College.


6.         Students, when ill, will be confined to the Sick Bay for a maximum of two (2) days after which they will be sent home if necessary.


7.         All cases of illness and accidental injury must be promptly reported to the College nurse.


8.         Normally, students are allowed to leave the premises for two weekends per month.  On free weekends students may depart at 4:00 p. m. on Friday, and shall return by 11:00 p. m. on Sunday.  Students leaving for a weekend must notify the Student Affairs Office by 12:30 p. m. on Thursday.


9.         Students who have exhausted the two free weekends are expected to remain at College and be involved in activities planned in their interest.


10.       Chapel Service will be held at 5:00 p. m. on the second Sunday in each month.  All students are expected to attend.  Should there be any conscientious objection, this should be given in writing at the time of registration.  It is to be noted that Chapel is ecumenical.  Its purpose is to help in building


11.              Students must be properly attired and hygienically presentable at all times on campus.  Activity outfit consists of participation uniform, track shoes and socks. “Cutoffs” are not appropriate campus attire.  Hats or head gear are not allowed for indoor classes.


12.              Students will not be permitted to walk barefooted on campus unless they are on the floor.


13.              Extremely tight and short shorts are not allowed for women.


14.              Men will not be permitted to appear out-doors in their underwear only or without a shirt or vest.


15.              College uniforms must NOT be worn on the streets.  Students are expected to be professionally and appropriately dressed at all times.


16.              Shorts are not to be worn in the dining room, nor are participation uniforms allowed for the evening meal.


17.              Students are not allowed to be in possession of lethal weapons, “dangerous” drugs, and intoxicating drinks.  All medication being taken is to be shown to the College Nurse.


18.              Valuables must be deposited with the Student Affairs Administrator.  The College does not accept liability for loss or damage to students who do not live on campus property.


19.              Any property found on the College ground must be handed in to the Student Affairs Administrator.


20.              it is the responsibility of each student to maintain tidiness in his/her room, and cleanliness of the College premises at all times, Hence, littering is prohibited.


21.              Students will not be permitted to remove furniture or fittings from any part of the College building without the written permission of the Plant Manager.


22.              Students will be required to pay for loss or damage to College furniture, fittings or equipment for which they are responsible.


23.              Students are expected to be considerate of  others by avoiding loud music, loud conversations, or any manner of disturbance in or near the dormitories, near the offices, classrooms, staff rooms, and in the dining room.